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This is it. This is the entire show.


This is it. This is the entire show.

  • What you said: I'm from Australia
  • What they heard: G'day mate, crikey this weather's crazy. I'll put another shrimp on the Barbie after I ride my kangaroo, stone the flamin crows mate I think a dingo ate my baby.



observation: Tumblr folks from australia and new zealand seem to not only have a way better sense of humor than the americans on this site, and are a lot less inclined to be super PC or censor their humor in any way. how did this happen is it because u r all criminals don’t murder me


#I think our humour has to do with making fun of ourselves first and then others last#always make fun of yourself before you joke about others #if you can’t laugh at yourself you fail at a sense of humour


i have posted more tonight than my whole life on tumblr lol



I hate the idea that a female character is considered weak if she isn’t emotionally detached or capable of kicking someone’s ass.

Or if she’s in a relationship. Or if she wants to be. Or if she needs to be saved sometimes. Or if she wears miniskirts. Or if she’s shy. Or if she has too many performatively/binarily “girly” characteristics to ever be considered strong, basically.