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Taran Killam as Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen on Saturday Night Live

Jennifer Lawrence on The Late Show with David Letterman

Taran Killam as Prince Charming on Saturday Night Live, 37x16

Jennifer Lawrence at “The Hunger Games” Press Conference - March 1, 2012

"When it comes to letting one of them go, I have no desire to ever make progress.” - Awake, 1.01 - Pilot

late night hosts with kittens and puppies

Jimmy Fallon tries to make “The Face”

Okay, I started trying to prepare something like this months ago, but last night’s ‘Best Of’ show inspired me to finish it off. It’s just as well I gave it a few more months anyway, since they’ve done so many more incredible musical bits since I started this. I’ve basically compiled a soundtrack of the musical bits performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (click the images for bigger versions of the cover and back which includes tracklisting). So, this excludes things he’s done on SNL and outside of the show (but I’ve included Born to Run anyway because I feel like it was such a vital turning point for both Jimmy and the show). Now, this isn’t absolutely everything they’ve ever done, because that would be too hard to do, but I’ve covered a good majority of them. Let me know if there are any errors in it. Disclaimer: obviously, there’s no monetary profit to be gained from this, it’s just for the enjoyment of fans, etc. Download link is a .rar achive. All files are mp3. The sound quality is generally good except for one or two which I had to rip from YouTube videos. Hope you guys like it!


late night television

Conan Learns to Wrap Holiday Presents

Jimmy, Kermit and Robin sing “When The River Meets The Sea” (x)

Saturday Night Live: Jimmy Fallon’s monologue

Saturday Night Live - Boston Teens: 26x14 - March 10, 2001 / 37x10 - December 17, 2011